handHandfasting dates back to Celtic times up until the 16th Century, when a couple would have a binding union for a year and a day, almost a trial marriage and to celebrate their love. After that time, they would either part or complete their marriage.

229D663EC30243C88AF47F7CEFDC24E5Today, Handfasting ceremonies is a different way to show a couples love for each other. 

The Cords, this is where three cords (you choose the colours that represent you as a couple) are joined together and then each of you tie a knot and then your hands are joined together, you then take your hands out leaving a circle that is not broken.

Jumping the broom, this represents leaving your old single life and jumping into your new married life, don’t worry the broom is held down low!

Using the natural elements to bless your ceremony are used and also blessing your rings.

I can provide a full pagan/ wiccan ceremony or incorporate some of the Handfasting rituals into a more traditional ceremony. Your ceremony can take place outside; you just need permission from the land owner. Stonehenge and roll right stones are popular places for this to happen. 

This is your day and your ceremony, so please contact me to discuss further how we can work together and plan your special day.