B048E2D52A7442D3A0A6229A13E4725ASadly, through my personal life and in previous work I have attended many funerals and some of those have not been great as they do not truly represent the person. I can guarantee to provide an individual service for your loved one.

I will meet with you and discuss what you would like at the service, I like to get to understand your loved one and if you agree, to bring a photo of them when we meet, so that I can get to know them.

We would meet at the funeral directors and sit and plan your loved one’s service. If you have an idea about what you would like that’s great, if not I have poems, songs that we can look at and ensure that it befits the person and what they liked and who they were.

I can conduct, fully religious, semi religious or non-religious services.  We will also talk about the person and their story and that will be transformed into a tribute for them. If family or friends wish to speak at the funeral, we can discuss this and plan into the service. I am not under any jurisdiction’s and am therefore able to make a personal service, I work from the heart and treat people and their loved ones as I would want my loved ones or myself to be treated.

After we have met, I will email through to you the full service, this ensures that there are no surprises on the day and that all information is correct. This also allows you time to read and reflect and for us to add in or change things. We will have regular email or phone contact and I will make sure that you are totally happy with the content.

I work through funeral directors but can also be contacted direct. I will liaise with your funeral director and ensure that everything is in place with a correct order of service.

On the day, I check the music before the service and I am ready to receive you and your loved one.

I cannot take away the pain you are are going through, but I can take away some of the worries and by working together, your loved one can have the best service that they deserve.

I have extensive knowledge of palliative care and working with loss, grief and bereavement.  I also know from my own personal perspective what it is like to lose someone very dear, we may not have the same thoughts and feelings but we all miss our loved one and having the right service is of paramount importance.